-          Mindful of the Constitution of the Republic of Cameroon;

-          Mindful of the dispositions of Law N° 90/53 of 19th December 1990 relating to the freedom of associations;

-          Mindful of the veritable role women play in community development;

-          Mindful of the need to integrate and protect the youth, persons with disabilities, and the elderly in development efforts;

-          Mindful of the need for population, health and environmental education;

-          Mindful of the necessity for research in problem-shooting and the fight against poverty;

-          Mindful of the need for Peace and the respect of Human Rights in human progress;

-          Mindful of public policy on national unity, national integration and solidarity;


An apolitical non-governmental and non-denominational association is hereby set-up on this day August 10, 2008, in Yaounde.



      The objectives of CEPROCUL shall be

  • To carry out activities on the rights, protection and integration of youth/ children, women, the elderly and people with disabilities in selected spheres of life.
  • To provide consultancy services to needy community groups.
  • To promote the use of local building materials through the provision or amelioration of basic low-cost settlements for poor needy households.
  • To promote the Culture of Peace and the values of Human Rights.
  • To carry out research on questions related to our target groups geared towards poverty alleviation.
  • To promote health, environmental and population development.